The purpose of the Jobs Portal is to enable candidates to apply for vacancies at Halesowen College. Halesowen College recognises the importance of honest and responsible use of your personal information. Information collected by this system will only be used for the purpose to recruit for a specific job and will not be passed to anyone else, outside of the process. We will only use your provided information to process your application as well aid in shortlisting. We will not use any contact information that you provide for marketing purposes.

Your personal information will be held for at most 30 days within this system unless:

  • you continue to use the system by logging into it, in which case the 30 day inactivity period will be reset to the date of your last login.
  • you submit an application for an available vacancy, in which case your data will be retained for at most 6 months.
  • you request the erasure of your data.

For more information please refer to our privacy policy which is available here:

  Download - Jobs Portal Privacy Policy (PDF)